Tune in to my latest test

While listening through some shabby recordings made with a mobile phone during band rehearsals last year, I thought the lo-fi sound added some charm to one of our latest songs. I thought the song might sound good with a Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here style intro (where a guy plays along to a radio). I just wanted to try it out – sketch the idea out, basically – so I made one with the help of a free Radio FX VST (downloadable from VST 4 FREE).

The way I did it was to record an acoustic guitar intro, render that to wav, load it back in the Radio FX VST and record that as a pre-FX on a track. Then I EQed it, removing most of about ~200 and below and 5k and up. I ran the radio FXed track next to just a wav, so that I could adjust the wet/dry radio effect by adjusting the volume on the two tracks.

The guitar was recorded using the mic setup featured in my previous post about phase cancellation.

As the intro hits the first refrain, the radio sound is gone and I added some flute from Orange Tree Samples’ Passion Flute which I just bought and also some cello from Session Strings that I got when I recently purchased Komplete 10.

Check it out, yo!

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