Welcome to the studio – meet the mics!

I made a short video showcasing my humble home studio tent. Check it out, yo!

With the mics in that position and the sound holes aimed just to the right of those NT1-As, I recorded a sound test with the following guitars.

  • Seagull S6 Cedar
  • Merida classical guitar
  • A small, old german traveller’s / toy guitar from the 50s that’s never in tune

The german relic was just tossed in there for fun. I was just curious what sound it’d make.

I gave the old Scarborough Fair a go and you can hear the result here.

I got three tracks for each guitar, two stereo tracks for the NT5s and the NT1-As and one track for the GM10.

The seagull is panned 20% to one side, the Merida 20% to the other, the toy guitar is in the middle. There’s no EQ or comp or anything and the volume between the mics is as is when I recorded it except for the toy guitar where I upped the volume on the GM1o.

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